About Coastal Housing & This Site

                                               Coastal Housing Rentals is a rental listing service providing information                                                      on available rentals in Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties.

This website was created to provide local employees of Coastal Housing Partnership member companies with a simple way to search for rentals that meet their housing needs. 

Access to this service is provided to employees at no charge. 

Local landlords are able to post their listings in Ventura & Santa Barbara Counties for free.

 The rental properties on this site are not necessarily part of Coastal Housing Partnership's Rental Assistance Discount Program. Employees should not expect that properties listed here will have the discount associated with them.  

Coastal Housing Partnership is a non profit organization dedicated to supporting local employers in their efforts to recruit and retain valued employees by making local housing more accessible to their employees.  Employers in Santa Barbara and Ventura Counties are eligible to become members of the Partnership, so that their employees will have access to a wide array of housing benefits.